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Dear Awesome People In The San Francisco Bay Area And Beyond, Please Help With This One
Sam/Dean, oh noes, panic

It's been a while since I posted anything anywhere, but I'm taking time to make an entry because this one hits very close to home. -- or very close to work, actually, which unfortunately is really more my home these days. {sigh}

This is a chance to speak up and help save and improve San Francisco Bay. The piece of land in question is under consideration for paving over and developing and it could actually instead become part of an existing wildlife refuge. It's also just down the road from my office.


The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places for walking and hiking and birdwatching. Expanding this wildlife refuge would make it even more awesome even as it would save a piece of land so necessary for the recovering ecosystems in the area.

If you're ever in Newark or Fremont, you might find it a nice visit. Especially in the spring.

So anyway, if the spirit moves you, please add your voice at the link shown above. It could mean a bit more of natural bay wetlands for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks for reading!

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Para Los Que Hablan Español...

La discusión de esta noche:

¿Qué es esto?

[1] una cometa
[2] un papalote
[3] una chiringa
[4] ya te diré en Comments.

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The Offer Still Stands
cho!sulu, sulu2009, johncho

For friends and friendsfriends, or for anyone who wants to start a Dreamwidth account:
17 Dreamwidth invite codes here.

First come, first serve.

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Invitations To Dreamwidth
dil bole hadippa, shahid
17 Dreamwidth invitation codes for anyone on my f-list or friendsfriendsCollapse )

If you take one, can you leave me a [very brief] comment in this post?


"Asians In The Library" -- The Aftermath
little-mosque-on-the-prairie, fatima

Lately I've been so busy at work and home that I haven't had time to post commentary regarding the wank over "Asians In The Library", the YouTube rant that has kept UCLA [my alma mater! Or at least one of them...] in the news for the last couple of weeks.

As [mildly] offensive as I found her video to be, I also felt very sorry for her because she comes across as a total airhead. Also, given that her boobs take up probably half the screen space in the video, I'm also convinced it was a cheap ploy for her to create publicity for herself in conjunction with her recent bikini photo-shoot. On a side note regarding that set of photos: somebody needs to have their Photoshop software confiscated. Yikes.

The good news is that among the many video rebuttals, there are some awesome comic takes on the situation:

KT Tatara's response to Alexandra Wallace's "Asians In The Library". [that webpage contains a link to YouTube]

"Survival Guide: Asians In The Library". Some other guy's YouTube response. Classy and gentle fun-poking. Also who is this guy? His deadpan delivery is exquisitely awesome.

ETA: Some people have pointed out that I forgot to list the first video response I ever saw to this whole kerfuffle--
"Ching Chong": in which one Jimmy Wong sings to Alexandra Wallace


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(no subject)
wait... what?

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SIGNAL BOOST: Cat Needs A New Home In Northern Calif. Very Soon
castiel hmm
Details over here at ryuutchi's LiveJournal.

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(no subject)
urban!mccoy, space is disease and danger, mccoy2009, karlurban

  • The two-day heat-wave has baked away the last remnants of this minor cold-flu thing that has been making me so tired and dizzy. Now I'm just tired from lack of sleep because, honestly, who can possibly sleep in such sweltering circumstances?
  • Although at 7:00 this evening it was about 20 degrees cooler than the same hour last night, the cat was not convinced that things were any better. "I iz dedz from heet wayv!" she said as soon as I walked in the front door. "Completely dedz!" Oh dear me.
  • Sunday, when I was feeling very run-down and achy in my knees and hips and elbows because I was starting to get that funny cold-flu, my married friends insisted we go see Agora. I took several Tylenol and drank some coffee and for a few hours I was able to act as if I were a normal person.

    The movie is interesting, if a bit stilted in parts. This is perhaps true of many historical dramas. Anyway, I loved the scenery and the sets, and the Alexandria library set was nice to look at. The movie has created some controversy and upset various sectors of the Christian world. I saw the film as a criticism of closed-mindedness as practiced by pagans, Jews, and Christians alike. All of which was historically accurate for the period in which this movie took place.
  • You guys, I was plagiarized! How about that? I wrote the story back in 2002, I think, and I had almost forgotten about the fic. From what I can tell, one of the copycats has removed her fic, while the second person posted her version about 5 or 6 years ago.

    I don't think of my stories as something that anyone would want to try to present as their own creation. Surely there's better stuff from which they can weave their delicate webs of deceit...

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(no subject)
  1. The San Francisco South-Bay Area is the 10th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. in terms of population -- my arduous daily commute drives home the point about how crowded we are -- and yet there is a constant parade of mountain wildlife through the garden at home. And of course the cat has noticed on more than one occasion. At 4:00 this morning she had a minor meltdown because a coyote somewhere on the next hill over from ours started yipping in that high-pitched way that coyotes do.
  2. I have been fighting off some sort of cold or flu this week. If I take a nap this afternoon I think I'll have a good chance of winning against this yucky, lurgy-ish malaise. In fact, right now I feel like calling down blessings on the name of whosoever invented the nap.
  3. I have decided that my naptime reading will be this.
  4. You know what my most recent DVD purchase was? The Greatest Story Ever Told. Yeah, I know... I don't understand my brain either.

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Ah. The Headache Of Annoyance.

Nothing makes me wince like a website that insists on writing itself as it's self throughout the entire site.

This is as annoying as legal documents that have a signature block that says, "/signed/ John Doe, it's legal representative."


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When the editor inside you just can't keep quiet...

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Because You Can Sleep All You Want After You're Dead
Not Really My Kind Of Moonlight Serenade

More dialogues with myownspecial catCollapse )

[curtain ]

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No Wonder I Always Have A Headache

MOS-CAT: [runs into myownspecial room] I HAZ A PUFF!

MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [groans inwardly and snores] . . .

MOS-CAT: [jumps on myownspecial bed] I HAZ A PUFF! SEE?!

MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [snores some more] Great. Now shut up.

MOS-CAT: [jumps onto the window sill] I HAZ A PUFF! DO YOU HAVE A PUFF? I HAZ A PUFF!

MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [still snoring] Take me now, Lord. [to Mos-cat] I do not have a puff. I haz – er, I *have* – a sleepy. A deep sleepy.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [snores, because hello? Deep sleep here…] …

MOS-CAT: MY PUFF IZ PUFFY! [twirls around and shows her tail] SEE?



MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [snores] No. It's a quiet sleepy.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: Well, it's… uh, quiet.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: You know… quiet. Not noisy. [pause] It's dead-cat quiet.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [asleep] Yeah, well…

MOS-CAT: [suddenly narrows her eyes at Myownspecialself] VERY FUNNY, BITCH. HA HA HA HA HA… ACK ACK ACK… [she succumbs to a hairball attack]


MOS-CAT: [triumphantly indicates hairball] TAKE THAT. HMPH. [she stalks away, grumbling] "DEAD-CAT QUIET" INDEED.

MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [gets up and puts blanket in the washing machine and sighs] Why didn't I buy myself a goldfish instead?

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One Of Us Is On Drugs. Unfortunately, It Isn't Me.
Mos-cat: [from inside the enclosed kitty-litter box; calls out to everyone] Hey! Do you know who I am? I'm Richard Dreyfuss! [digs around in the kitty litter]

Myownspecialself: [snores softly] I'm sleeping. Shut up.

Mos-cat: No, really! I'm Richard Dreyfuss! [continues to dig around in kitty litter, which makes a loud and rattly noise].

Myownspecialself: [snores again] Okay. That's nice. [snores some more] And I'm asleep. Stop that.

Mos-cat: Yep. Richard Dreyfuss. And I'm in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. See? [sends kitty litter flying]

Myownspecialself: [snoring still] Uh-huh. Stop making that racket. I'm asleep. It's 2:30 AM and you should be asleep also.

Mos-cat: Oh no, I cannot sleep, for I am Richard Dreyfuss in "Close Encounters Of The Dead Kind" and I am building a mountain. [valiantly attempts to mound the kitty litter into a miniature Devils Tower National Monument à la Richard Dreyfuss]

Myownspecialself: [opens one eye and grumbles] Mr. Dreyfuss, please stop. RIGHT. NOW.

Mos-cat: [rattles the kitty litter, which bounces off the hood of the kitty-litter box] This is cheap kitty litter. It doesn't hold the shape when you try to mold it into a mountain. Richard Dreyfuss is not pleased. Nope.

Myownspecialself: [gets out of bed and walks in to the room where the kitty litter box is] GODDAMNIT. STOP. THAT.

Mos-cat: [hums the "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" theme song and moves kitty litter around in the box; because of the hood on the kitty-litter box, she is unable to see the irate alien approach.]

Myownspecialself: [awake and very annoyed; smacks the hood of the kitty-litter box and then reaches inside towards the cat's neck] Hey, have you ever seen the sequel? It's called "Dead Kitties Of The Third Kind" The aliens come to Earth and strangle all the goddamn cats.

Mos-cat: [runs out of kitty litter box] Augh! Help! Deadly aliens are after me! [runs around the room and flails]. Augh! Augh! [tips over water bowl] Augh! Aliens! Help!

Myownspecialself: [heads back to the bed] Good night, Mr. Dreyfuss. Don't forget your Oscar on the way out.

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Time To Smile
dil bole hadippa, shahid
What a week. Well, actually, what a year.
Read more...Collapse )

So, yeah. Don't ever let me forget how lucky I've been. And here's hoping I can find a way to move that luck outward and upward to others.

::: nods :::

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Hee! I Think You Guys Do This On Purpose...

... just to make me choke on my morning coffee:
1) J2 meet in prison and escape together and I believe they go and live on a parrot farm.
[The search for a fic, as described on
http://community.livejournal.com/spnstoryfinders/5022881.html ]


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Well, It's Not May And It Isn't A Merry Month Now, Is It?

I never wanted it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but once again July is the month in which I get into a snit with the same real-life friends I always seem to get in a snit with. Read more...Collapse )


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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...
Sam/Dean, oh noes, panic
Scene: Shortly after midnight. And there is no rest for the weary.

MOS-CAT: [runs around the room] I HAZ A PUFF. [puffs up the tail in the way that cats do when they are preparing for battle]

MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [asleep] How nice. Go back to sleep.

MOS-CAT: [runs around the room] I. HAZ. A. PUFF. SEE?! [puffs up tail even more]. THAT'S BECAUSE THERE'S AN INTRUDER OUTSIDE.

MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [still asleep] Again, how nice. And again, go back to sleep. Or else go away.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [eyes closed, wishing to still be asleep] How nice for you. See me? Right now I am comatose with joy. And it's just a racoon or something out there on the fence.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [eyes closed] I'm asleep. Let's talk about this next year, okay?


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [asleep, or at least trying to be] Is it a big intruder? A big scary intruder?


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [asleep] Yeah, yeah, because IT. HAS. TENTACLES.


MYOWNSPECIALSELF: I'm psychic like that. Also? Those are antlers, you tuna-brain. It's a goddamn deer. And if I'm not mistaken, the deer's favorite dish is Strangled Cat À La Mode…

MOS-CAT: [intrigued] Strangled Cat À La Mode? INTERESTING. I THOUGHT DEER ATE FLOWERS AND TANGERINES AND STUFF… [pauses] HEY! WAIT A MINUTE. [glares at Myownspecialself]



MYOWNSPECIALSELF: [asleep] Yeah, that puff thing really works for you, doesn't it? [snores]

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Canada Day

My guess is that in some parts of the globe, every day is probably Canada Day. Nevertheless, to our neighbors to the North I say:

Happy Canada Day!


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watson holmes whathaveyoudone

As part of my preparations for the upcoming season of Psych, I watched "Death Is In The Air" in order to catch up on everything I've missed.

So, apparently Shawn's ringtone is "Rump Shaker ["All I wanna do is zooma-zoom-zoom-zoom in a boom-boom]"

It was mind-boggling to realize that this song came out in 1992. Eighteen years ago. Good taste never dies!

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This Just In: Planning Ahead Is Still A Novelty
cat problem

Maybe it's because I'm old and also naturally cranky, but I can't help but be, well, *amazed* that the colleague I'm substituting for on this long-term assignment did not think to have the other administrative assistants as backups for things in general.

And specifically: the email distribution lists that we depend on to communicate virtually everything. Our dependence on this technology stems from several facts: (a) the death of that practice whereby you crank out a memo on a typewriter or word processor and then send copies of it by inter-office snail mail (b) we have 24-by-7 operations and half of the staff starts work at either 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 10:30 PM or 12 midnight (some Sunday through Wednesday, others Wednesday through Saturday, and a few boring individuals who work Monday - Friday), (c) the presence of the ubiquitous Windows Vista PC on each desk.

So we have all these new employees as well as some recent departures. We cannot currently edit the distribution list in Outlook because the owner of the list is the absent employee who has not indicated when it is exactly that she will return and she has been gone essentially since December 2009.

I am about to gird my loins and jump back into another round with the Service Desk, who is the god of (among many other things) distribution lists and convince them that the absent employee is in no position to authorize additional owners, so they'll just have to put on their System Admin hats and make me and two of my colleagues the owners who can bring up to date the one tool we really, really need. Really.

One of the other colleagues is a person who has an almost perfect attendance record. That I can recall, she was absent only once and that was due to a car accident on the way to work.


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Don't Ask The Cat. You'll Only End Up Talking About Tuna.

In the moments when I'm not experiencing minor attacks of hives -- obliquely alluded to in my recent poll -- I've been thinking about the recent Supernatural finale of Season 5. Nothing at all that can be mistaken for meta or analysis... just idle curiosity about "Carry On Wayward Son."

Seriously -- is there any other show where the finale of a season has its own special theme song?

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Conversations With Myownspecial Cat
urban!mccoy, space is disease and danger, mccoy2009, karlurban

MOS-CAT: (walks across me while I am asleep) Look! I am pretending I'm in medical school.

ME: (awakening) Oof. What the hell?!

MOS-CAT: Hold still. I'm a medical student. (steps on my stomach)

ME: (grunts) Again with the 'Oof.' And I repeat: What the hell?! Knock it off.

MOS-CAT: (steps on my left side) Is that a kidney? Hey, this is fun.

ME: HELLO?! TRYING TO SLEEP HERE! It's 3:00 in the goddamn morning.

MOS-CAT: (steps on my right side) No, wait... is that a kidney there? I think I'm going to pass this human anatomy class. And doesn't your kind also have a liver? (steps some more) Hmm...

ME: Augh! Will you get the hell off of me?

MOS-CAT: We learned in medical school that irritability can be a sign of low blood sugar. Perhaps it's time for some food.

ME: I'm not hungry, goddammit!

MOS-CAT: I meant food for *me*. Hello? Or are you the only one in this house who eats? Hey, what happens if I step on your nose?

ME: Augh!!!!

MOS-CAT: It is a proven medical fact that humans have many nerve endings in their nose. Perhaps I should step on your ear next time. My hypothesis is this: fewer nerve endings resulting in less pain. Let's see... (steps on my ear)

ME: Augh!!!!

MOS-CAT: Do you know how to say anything else? And hey, that food bowl isn't going to fill itself, you know.

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(no subject)
peterpetrelli by littleyuzu

In Peter Jackson's LOTR: The Two Towers, there is a moving scene where the grieving Théoden is having a conversation with Gandalf at the tomb of Théodred, and Théoden says that no parent should have to bury their child. It is such a touching moment, no doubt thanks to the amazing acting of Bernard Hill as Théoden.

I was reminded of that scene today during the vistiation/memorial service for my cousin's husband. The man died relatively young -- he was 51 years old-- and he is survived by his father and an older brother. Towards the end of the visitation, the father went up to the casket and had a final conversation with his son. He spoke in a low voice and I didn't hear much, but what I did catch was that he will miss his son, and some day they'll see each other again. He said good-bye and when he turned to walk away, I saw that his eyes were wet. Not long after that, my eyes were wet, too.

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I Know I've Seen You Somewhere
castiel, misha

I'm now close to the 30-minute mark in the masterpiece known as Stonehenge Apocalypse. Who is the redheaded actor and what have I seen him in?

Also, why does General Forshaw not sound like an American and yet he wears a U.S. flag patch (backwards, oddly enough) on his uniform?

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cat problem


So Bossman accepted last week the job offer whereby he will transfer to our headquarters in southern California. We originally thought he would be here until perhaps late July before starting at headquarters, but now his new boss is so eager to have him start that Bossman could theoretically be moving by the end of this month.

Do not want.

The managers who most adore him are now asking me what if I had deliberately misbooked his flights for the interviews? He would have shown up late and not made a good impression, thus reducing greatly his chances of getting that other job and promotion.

Clearly I am not devious enough! But yeah, am now worried that whichever new boss we get will not be nearly as awesome.


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I went to see my cousin today. My cousin"s husband died last Thursday. This is sort of talky and behind a cut to avoid spoiling people"s moodsCollapse )

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Shifting Sands
cho!sulu, sulu2009, johncho

It seems as if things around me are entering a state of flux. I feel fairly calm and content-- I know my rantings about Microsoft Outlook might not indicate this!-- but I see the currents eddying about.

TransitionsCollapse )

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Okay, so who has seen Ra[a]jneeti? I've been wanting to see it ever since I saw the trailers back in December? January? and the movie just opened last weekend.

Anything with Naseeruddin Shah in it, no matter how bad, is always worth my time. I'm also very curious to see how well Katrina does and I am also looking forward to seeing Ranbir in a role that doesn't scream TYPECAST as with his other films.

If you've seen it, your comments are welcome herein. Spoilers are welcome, too!

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Totally Awesome Anagram For The Win

Guess what?
Myownspecialself yields LOWLY FEN ESCAPISM.

You're welcome.

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Oh Microsoft Outlook... You're All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

I don't understand why the search function in Outlook only seems to deal with the first five digits of a number string that has more than 5 digits.

Every purchase order ID number we use is at least 10 digits. If I search for 7200236855, the results include 7200238049, 7200235683, and 7200236359. This is Not Useful! Especially if you have an inbox with 200 emails that reference one P.O. number or another.

A search for room number 32865, however, gives only 32865, and excludes 32866 or 32109.

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Google Maps

You know how Google maps has that street-view function? I've just spent 45 minutes walking the neighborhood where I lived when I was a student in Mexico City (in, um, *cough*1977*cough*).


If you're curious, my address was Leo 148, Prado Churubusco, Coyoacan, Mexico.

If you click the street-view button, Google takes you into the street, but about 2 blocks north of the house where I lived. You have to drag the cursor a long way and then you have to cross over the local main thoroughfare, Osa Menor, and then make sure you continue on Leo on the side of the street with the even numbers. It's a house with a white mesh/grill facade. The "4" is missing on the address plaque, so it looks like "18" rather than "148".

I lived in the southern part of Mexico City, in the general direction of the National University (although not close to it). That is the university you always see with the huge murals.

It seemed as if someone-- the students, the professors, or the employees-- was always on strike and so I attended a different school. My own university was the Iberoamericana, in the ritzy, exclusive part of southern Mexico City. Nevertheless, it wasn't a big deal.

I lived in the working-class neighborhood next to that posh part of southern Mexico City.

There is a canal at the end of the street, maybe a block and a half from my house. Back then the canal was overgrown and the water moved so slowly that it was almost stagnant. If you could float a raft in it, you would have arrived in maybe 45 minutes at Xochimilco. (We used to take a bus or a trolley instead.)

I... wow. It's quite a blast from the past.

I think for my next trick I'm going to google the family who lived there and hosted me.

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I Know What! Let's Have A Randomness Party!
Randomness #1 -- Myownspecial cat peeks out to say "Howdy!" She loves to hide under the couch. The photo was taken with my iPhone, hence the less-than-stellar resolution.

Randomness #2 -- Okay, you guys, I swear I was looking for a Mozart aria on YouTube and somehow I ended up gawking at this music video by Dead Or Alive (remember them?!) doing "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)". Yeah, because `80s music and I always manage to hook up.
YouTube link: OH. MY. GOD. Look at that hair! And the eyeliner. And the clothing.

Randomness #3 -- Leopard webcam-- mother and 2 cubs. Alas, like webcams everywhere, the server is sometimes down or else the animals are often out of viewing range. But when they *are* there, it's awesome.

ETA: Wait! There's more. Lost (well, the island, actually) done in Jell-O. You're welcome.

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Questions, Questions, Questions
quinto!spock, lens flare

  1. Is there some sort of genetic thing among Japanese and Japanese-Americans that makes them use separate little plates and dishes and bowls for every single bite of food? [I am only exaggerating ever so slightly.]
    I do the dishes in my household because I'm the one who's pickiest about how clean the dinnerware is, and I'm constantly amazed and annoyed at how two or three people can go through so many damn dishes in 24 hours even though one of those people (moi) is at work all day and many an evening eats dinner with friends outside the home.

    There are days where I almost can't fit everything in the dishwasher because the household uses so many plates and bowls for meals and snacks. What boggles me is that sometimes the snack is nothing more than a handful of crackers.
  2. Is Season 3 of Without A Trace ever going to make it to DVD here in the U.S.?
    Season 2 was released in January 2006. That was more than four years ago. I know it's not the most popular show in the history of television, but it ran for 7 seasons. SEVEN SEASONS, PEOPLE.

    That means somebody besides me sure as hell was watching that shit.

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If You Type Faster, I'll Have More To Revise So That You Can Type It

Last Friday I finally completed my department's org chart. This is no mean feat as we currently have 83 82 employees and we reorganize here and there quite often. When I started working with these people (February 1st of this year), we were at 61, including yours truly.

This afternoon I intercepted an email in which the next proposed organizational structure of the department is laid out. We are gaining perhaps another 15 employees in the next three months and we are redistributing maybe half of the current 82 employees into new sub-groups.

I think I should have a magnetic whiteboard with little magnets that have the names taped on them. Then every week I can just re-align the magnets to reflect whatever the current organizational hierarchy is, and I can take a picture with my iPhone. I use the iPhone for other office necessities anyway.

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The Perils Of Having Only One CD In Your Car
urban!mccoy, space is disease and danger, mccoy2009, karlurban
Well, that was something else. It took almost 55 minutes to get to work today. That's 20 minutes more than usual. And the only CD in the car?
Snow Patrol's "Music For Polar Bears".

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And I Don't Even Get Hazard Pay

At work I use lots of file folders to keep all my projects organized. Some of the projects consume much time and energy and space. Others are easy and maybe all I want to keep for my records is an invoice or a requisition or a memo with some notes jotted on it. These projects keep coming around and refuse to die and become re-invented, so it doesn't make much sense to file them away in cabinets or drawers.

Because I use lots of file folders, I need something to keep them under control. This thing might be a good idea if I didn't have so many folders and project jackets and folded up maps of the building. Besides, if I use one of those flimsy boxes, when I flip back and forth through all these folders, stuff is going to fall out, right?

So what I ended up ordering was these. I love them. They're sturdy and solid and I can keep all kinds of folders in them and flip back and forth and I have easy access so I can dig around in each file and move stuff around and all the crap doesn't fall out and onto the floor. Much, much better.

The thing was that I didn't know what they were called. File holders? File tubs? Folder tubs? None of these seemed to work, no matter what I googled. And then I tried "file buckets" and was almost completely derailed by this, um, costume suggestion [probably Safe For Work, but... yikes!].

It turns out that these bins are called posting tubs. But in the frantic hurry to bleach my brain (see "costume suggestion" above), I barely even retained this new fact.

So, hey. Even searching for office supplies can get too special. Who knew.

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Be Thankful That The Bagpipe Orchestra Is On Holiday
castiel hmm

I am currently puzzled by this morning's earworm. I had to google the lyrics several times before I was able to find out that the song running through myownspecial brain is none other than "True Faith" by New Order. I know for a fact that I never ever owned any albums by New Order. This is most baffling.

The only music I listened to yesterday was either Brahms Symphony #1 or else salsa (mostly Rey Ruiz). Oh wait -- and the theme song to Big Bang Theory, which is Barenaked Ladies.

Why isn't any of that running through my gray matter?

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Life According To Bernadette
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Myownspecial cat explains how it worksCollapse )


She was actually taking a break from bug-hunting in the garage when I snapped this shot.

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(Just Letting Off Steam)

Blame work for this one.

Dear Colleague:

DANGER: major use of the F-word.Collapse )

Well. It's lucky for everyone I'm in a good mood.

Um, yes. How are you all doing?

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Well Now. If Only Somebody Else Would Speak Up...
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Update on my "international" incident (original post here)

Okay, so some of the emails that the centralized Help Desk and I are exchanging go through what must be a South Africa server. Or else why do they all show ".za"?

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Hey, Estonia, don't be shy! Come forth. :::waves frantically at the other continents:::

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I Have My Very Own International Incident. And You Don't.
Service-desk woes, or How I Earn My Daily BreadCollapse )

IDEK, folks.

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Now This Is More Like It
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There's nothing like a decent night's sleep. Read more...Collapse )

Breakfast was awesome this morning. Read more...Collapse )

So there you have it: yet another post that isn't about software or operating systems! Now onward to the fannish stuff. Read more...Collapse )

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It Was The Best Of Times... Wait. No, It Wasn't

Yesterday, Monday, was a day of woe and pain at work in that way that Mondays usually are. So it was that I was glad to get home.

The only thing about home is that mos-dad is likely to be fussy. Fortunately, this only happens on days that end in 'y'. Alas, yesterday was one such day and so last night when I got home, he was in a sort of mood.

Cut for those who aren"t interested in minor family dramasCollapse )

That, folks, is when I lost it.

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Vista: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

So yesterday was the first day of the 10-day long upgrade to Vista. In our department, Boss-man was the first to get Vista. The upgrade took place while he was at an early afternoon meeting and basically took less than 50 minutes to accomplish.

We have awesome IT techs, and the global preparation throughout the entire company (various California locations, Rhode Island, Seattle area, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Japan, Colorado, and Louisville) was well-executed.

Nothing however, prepared Boss-man for the complete and utter failure of Vista to log him in to the network. It kept telling him there were no log-in servers to process his log-in request.

Meanwhile, Windows XP users around him were logging out and then logging in to see what was wrong with the servers. And... nobody knew why.

The IT techs came by, took away his Vista laptop and gave Boss-man his old XP laptop.

At least he stopped muttering "Fuck" under his breath.

So Microsoft and various CIO/CTO types think that Vista is an idea whose time has come.

But why?

Surely there are some advantages to having Vista. They may or may not outweigh the advantages of using XP (or Windows 7). In all the hype, I can't seem to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Any thoughts, dear friendslist?

[ETA: The IT guys have just returned Boss-man's new Vista laptop. It's sitting on his desk and both Boss-man and I are afraid to turn it on and log him into the network.]

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Do You Have A Journal Over At Dreamwidth?
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They Do It On Purpose. I Just Know It.
cat problem

Goddamnit, mos-mom just let mos-cat escape out the front door.

I've told mos-mom that when the stupid cat returns, mos-mom will be the one who has to apply the Frontline medicine because the cat will have been in every flea-infested part of the garden for at least a friggin' hour.

After the Frontline medicine has been applied, mos-mom will be full of cat fur and the cat will be full of indignation.

Hah. That'll teach them both.

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Housekeeping (Housewarming?) Announcement
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I'm going to be spend more of my online time hanging around Dreamwidth. [ETA: Apparently I spent good money last year to buy a Dreamwidth account so I am going to try getting some use out of it. Also, I'm curious to see how it works alongside LJ.]

Up until now my journaling has been 95% LJ and 4% DW and 1% vaporous.

I want to move to a 50-50 balance between LJ and DW by the end of 2010.

Part of my housekeeping effort is to go through Dreamwidth and see who I've 'friended'. That is, to whom have I subscribed, and to whom have granted access?

See? I'm learning the lingo!

On general principle, I grant access to the Dreamwidth journals to which I subscribe.

Fear not. I still like LJ.

[ETA: I've set my Dreamwidth do that everything I post in that journal will automatically crosspost here in myownspecial LiveJournal. Or at least it damn well better or else I will start complaining to my congressperson or somethin'...]

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Those Were The Days, My Friend

Did you know that I used to write fanfic?


Yeah, me too.

I had almost forgotten about one story until the day before yesterday when I received an e-mail from someone regarding a fic search at sgastoryfinders for my crack-tastic Plan 9 From Outer Space.

I also received some very kind feedback, which was a real treat. I had forgotten what it's like to know that someone read something I wrote and had a good time.

::: idly fondles keyboard :::

"But Why Is The Rum Gone?"
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So at lunchtime I went on the company intranet and listened to the presentation where headquarters explains why we are moving from Windows 2000 plus MS Office 2003 to Vista plus Office 2007.

  • Support for Windows 2000 ends July 2010.

  • Mainstream support for Windows XP was no longer available as of April 2009.

  • Vendors (software/hardware) no longer support Windows 2000.

I'm not sure why we can't move to Windows 7 instead, but there must be a reason that they consider to be compelling enough for us to migrate to Vista.

Right now I stopped and I thought about how back in 1979 I started my computer usage at a job with a monochrome (gray-black screen and white type) monitor and a Daisy-wheel printer, both of which were hooked up to a mainframe somewhere at Stanford.

And I worked at places where I used an IBM XT and a Wang Word Processor, and then a place that actually had a computer with one of the first mouses ever, and then companies where they had actually gone out and taken that crazy leap into Windows 98. Oh, you reckless bastards, you!

So, Vista (Enterprise Edition)? Meh. I'm not thrilled at the idea. There will be a lot of headaches and my co-workers are already gnashing their teeth.

But like so many, many, MANY other things, this too shall pass. I work at a place that has over 17,000 employees in 35 different countries. Annual revenues are currently $US 15 billion. I now realize that this Vista platform migration is typical of many large companies.

All this means is that once I get used to Vista, I'll just go home every night and hug my Macintosh a little tighter. That's all.